Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My name is PJ and I have been a bartender for about 20 years. I started out in a restaurant owned by my uncle and in the New Orleans area. When he decided to sell the business, I decided to move on myself. Most of my life I was most interested in dance. Tap, ballet, jazz... that kind of thing. I took lessons for years and years, and had actually been a student teacher for a while. When my husband took a job in the Corpus Christi area, I decided to open my own studio there. I loved teaching children but my knees did not! I taught for about 5 years then had to give it up or risk doing serious damage to myself. I tried the medical proffesion for a while...hated it! So back to the restaurant business I went. After a couple of years mixing strange concoctions to relax the totally unrelaxables, I saw an ad in the newspaper that simply read "cocktail waitress needed, apply within". I called the number listed and found out it was the largest nightclub in the area. My interview consisted of one question. "Do you know the difference between a lemon and a lime?" I was hired. I cocktailed for all of one week and again I was a bartender/manager. I loved my job! It was an oldies club with lots of audience & employee participating stuff, and the clientele was a 30+ funloving
crowd. The bar opened at 4 in the afternoon and closed at 2 a.m. I usually worked the closing shift and since I am a night person anyway...Perfect! But all good things (as they say) must come to an end. The business was sold to someone else who changed the format to rock and the good times and good money came to an end. I went to work down the road at a new country bar, still made good money and still loved my job. When my marriage ended, due to me not liking to share my husband with another woman, (how selfish am I?) I moved to a little town in Florida outside Jacksonville and continued my "career" in the adult beverage industry. Didn't like it so much there. I stayed about a year, and decided to head back to Texas. Well, New Orleans is exactly half way between Jacksonville and Corpus Christi, and I still have family here so instead of trying to drive 17 hours straight, I stopped to spend the night at my cousin Debbie's house. The rest as they also say (who are "they" anyway?) is history. I have now been a bartender in The New Orleans area for 13 years....more to come